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Frequently asked questions

Practical information

Haaglanden Clinics is located at Nieuwe Parklaan 11 in The Hague. Please see the map below.

We have a car park for our visitors and clients in front of our clinic, where you can park free of charge. You can also park on Nieuwe Parklaan. To reach our car park, you will have to turn onto the service road adjacent to Nieuwe Parklaan from the roundabout. Please note that cyclists and mopeds also use this lane, travelling in both directions.

From Juni 01 2021 there is paid parking in the vicinity of Haaglanden Clinics, parking on our parking site is free.

Tram line 9 runs from The Hague to Scheveningen and passes Haaglanden Clinics.

My appointment

  • Valid ID
  • Valid certificate of insurance issued by your health insurer
  • Letter of referral
  • The names of your referrer and GP
  • Current Medication List (Dutch: AMO), which you can request from your local pharmacy.
  • Filled in medical questionnaire

Yes, you will be sent a confirmation letter after scheduling an appointment by phone. We’ll also send you a text message to remind you of your appointment.

Please fill in and sign this medical questionnaire. The doctor will go over this questionnaire with you. Please state clearly whether you have any allergies and whether you are currently on any medication, as well as any other important things we should know prior to treatment. If you are taking medication, please also bring a Current Medication List from your local pharmacy.


You may experience swelling for the first few days after your treatment. If the swelling increases after a few days, please call the clinic.

You may also experience a slight increase in body temperature during the first few days. If your temperature is reaches or exceeds 39 degrees, please call the clinic.

If the wound continues to bleed, try to close it by biting down on a gauze pad. If the bleeding does not stop, please contact the clinic.

Download extra information about aftercare

You are free to bring along the scan if you wish and have the doctor assess whether it is usable. If the doctor feels that a new scan will need to be taken nonetheless, we will discuss this with you first. This may be the case if the doctor cannot see everything they need to see on the scan or if the scan is not recent enough.

We recommend that you take things easy after treatment. We advise you to get plenty of rest and not to do any work that requires you to bend over, pull, or push. Rest is necessary for proper, speedy recovery.

Yes, please. You can request and pick up a Current Medication List (‘Actueel Medicatie Overzicht’ or AMO in Dutch) from your local pharmacy. This is a list of all medication you are currently on.  Please bring this list with you to your appointment and have the doctor assess it. If anything on the list has changed in the meantime or if anything appears to be incorrect, please inform your doctor.

Are you not taking any medication? Please tell your doctor so and state this on the questionnaire.

Health insurance

All of our treatments are covered by the basic healthcare package, with the exception of implantology. For implants, we will first send you a quote, so that you can consult your health insurer to determine which parts are covered and which parts are not.

If your dentist, GP or medical specialist refers you to our clinic, your treatment will be covered by your health insurance plan.

Depending on your plan, there are various options; either the invoice is sent directly to your health insurer, who will then pay us, or you receive an invoice at home from InfoMedics (formerly FA-MED). You must then submit a claim to your health insurer yourself to have your insurer pay the invoice.

However, you should always take your deductible into account.

For questions about your deductible, please contact your health insurer. They will be able to tell you more about your specific plan and deductible.

If you are in doubt about health insurance coverage, you can always contact your insurer for information and questions.

As we do not have a contract with your health insurer, we are not allowed to submit invoices to them ourselves. Instead, we will send the invoice to you, so that you can then submit a claim to the insurer to pay for your treatment.

Because we have chosen to outsource invoicing and debtor management, all of our invoices are sent by Infomedics rather than Stichting Haaglanden Clinics. Please pay the invoice sent by InfoMedics.

If you have any questions about your invoice, please contact the InfoMedics Service Desk. Phone: +31(0)36-20 31 900

For medical questions, please contact Haaglanden Clinics by sending an email to info@haaglandenclinics.nl or calling + 31(0)70- 221 21 21.

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