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For Haaglanden Clinics, quality is of paramount importance, which is why all of our employees are committed to working as accurately and carefully as possible. Your safety always comes first. To guarantee our quality and your safety, we have established various working agreements that we all abide by, and offer you various ways to share your experiences and feedback with Haaglanden Clinics.

  • Young and enthusiastic team of specialists

  • Consistent quality thanks to our thorough approach

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  • Treatment covered by health insurers (excluding your deductible)

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Quality at HC

Quality at Haaglanden Clinics and our code of conduct


Let us know how you feel about the care provided at Haaglanden Clinics!


If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with anything, please feel free to submit a complaint.

Domestic Violence Reporting Duty

In case of suspected domestic violence, our doctors have a duty to report.

Rights and obligations

Your rights and obligations as a client of Haaglanden Clinics

Customer satisfaction survey

On behalf of Haaglanden Clinics, Bosgra Onderzoek conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey.

Very competent

It only took 1 minute to pull my wisdom tooth and I didn’t feel any pain during or after the procedure.

Ank Sassen

Pleasant, competent doctors

With respect and care for their patients and their stories. They think in possibilities and persevere where others might give up. They give honest, sincere information.

Rosalinda Huijberts

Tooth extraction

Reassured me from the moment I came in, the treatment went very smoothly and did a great job.

Aryan Verhoeks


We’re here for you.

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Five of HMC’s young and passionate oral surgeons can now also help rid you of your symptoms at Haaglanden Clinics.

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