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Sleep disorders

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When people talk about sleep disorders, they tend to only think about not being able to fall asleep or being very tired during the day. But did you know that there are many more sleep disorders?

Restless legs at night, short-term breathing stops or heavy snoring are common sleep complaints that are not always considered. Reduced concentration, fatigue, irritation, tension complaints and gloominess are also symptoms that occur with sleeping problems.
Sleep problems occur at any age. Sleep complaints occur relatively frequently in the elderly, but it is also a major problem for young people. At least one in five young people suffers from sleeping problems. Young people can be moody, depressed, listless and suffer from mood swings.

Do you recognize yourself in described complaints or do you suspect that you have a sleeping problem? Take the free Pre-Polygraphy survey, read about the most common sleeping problems or feel free to contact us.

Snoring is a harsh or hoarse sound made while breathing. During normal breathing, air passes through the nasal cavity, pharynx and windpipe to the lungs. Snoring is caused by a narrowing in the airway between the entrance to the nose and the vocal cords.

More information about snoring

Sleep apnea is a condition marked by short periods of breathlessness while you are asleep. Patients who stop breathing for at least 10 seconds are said to have apnea. A common cause of apnea is an obstruction in the airways.

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Het restless legs syndroom betekent “rusteloze benen”. Dit is een hinderlijke aandoening die bij 1 op de 20 mensen voorkomt. Mensen met het restless legs syndroom hebben een onweerstaanbare drang om de benen te bewegen.

Meer informatie over Restless legs syndroom

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that involves poor sleep combined with impaired functioning during the day.

Learn about insomnia or insomnia

Do you feel sleepy every day, and especially when you’re not actively doing something? Are you unable to stop these bouts of sleepiness and do you find yourself actually falling asleep? If so, you may have a condition called Narcolepsy.

More information about narcolepsy

Hypersomnia is a medical condition characterised by daily and repeated episodes of sleepiness during the day.

Hypersomnia can occur in different degrees, ranging from mild sleepiness (e.g. only after lunch) to severe, with the patient repeatedly falling asleep in unusual circumstances (e.g. during a meal, in conversation, or during a short drive).

More information about hypersomnia

De benaming “parasomnie” verwijst naar aandoeningen die niet zozeer het gevolg zijn van verstoringen van de slaap/waak processen, maar eerder gekenmerkt worden door het uiten van ongewenst fysiek gedrag tijdens slaap.

More information about parasomnia

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