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Additional tests

On top of tracking your sleep, Haaglanden Clinics often deploys various other tests to paint as comprehensive a picture as possible of your sleeping disorder. Not all additional tests are prescribed to everyone: your symptoms and situation determine whether a test is relevant for you and your treating specialist will ultimately decide.

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A polysomnography is a comprehensive sleep study that includes attaching electrodes to your head, face, torso and legs. Since this is a test for highly complex sleep problems, it has to take place at Haaglanden Medical Centre’s dedicated sleep centre (Westeinde). This test may be requested by your sleep specialist to gain insight into, among other things, sleeping problems other than OSAS, such as insomnia, parasomnia, hypersomnia and so on.

With a blood test, you can be tested for diseases such as diabetes or hypothyroidism. This test will take place at the phlebotomy department of Haaglanden Medical Centre (Westeinde).

Cardiograms are performed at the cardiology department of the Haaglanden Medical Centre (Westeinde). An ECG will enable your treating physician to assess your cardiac rhythm and look for possible links between your sleeping problems and your heart.

To help diagnose you, you may have to get a chest X-ray done at Haaglanden Medical Centre’s radiology department (Westeinde). A chest X-ray shows the heart and lungs and enables your doctor to detect potential narrowing in the airways.

This test involves using specialised equipment to test how well your lungs and airways are working and to detect conditions such as asthma and COPD. This test requires considerable effort, as you will be asked to inhale and exhale as much as you can whilst wearing a special mouthpiece and a clip on your nose. This device will measure how much air you can breathe in and out and how quickly you are able to do so. For this test, you will have to visit Haaglanden Medical Centre’s lung function department (Westeinde).

During an EMT test, also known as a somnography, a EMT doctor will use a thin, flexible tube fitted with a camera to look inside your nose, mouth and pharynx. You will be briefly anaesthetised to mimic your behaviour while you’re asleep, enabling the specialist to detect obstructions in your throat, nose and ear area. These tests take place at Haaglanden Medical Centre’s NT department (Westeinde).

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