Complaints procedure

The dental surgeons of Haaglanden Clinics work in both the HMC and Haaglanden Clinics. With a team of experienced specialists supported by a professional and friendly team of medical assistants, we jointly provide high-quality care.
We specialize in treatments for the mouth, jaw and face. Our waiting times are short and you can reach us daily from 08.30-12.15 and from 13.00-17.00.


Please discuss your complaint with the doctor or employee concerned first. Often, all it takes to remedy dissatisfaction is a proper conversation. If you cannot reach an accord, or if you would prefer talking to someone else, please contact our Complaints Officer by sending an email to

The complaints officer will investigate your complaint and mediate between you and the doctor or employee involved to quickly arrive at a suitable solution. Of course, your complaint will be treated confidentially. Mediation and complaint resolution at Haaglanden Clinics are entirely free of charge.

Dispute Resolution Committee

If you are still not satisfied after the Complaints Officer has attempted to intervene, you can lodge a complaint with the Dispute Resolution Committee. This is an independent, impartial committee that will either render a binding opinion or assist the client and the clinic in reaching a settlement.

Note: at the start of a dispute resolution procedure, you must pay a complaint handling fee and may have to deposit the unpaid part of your bill in a trust account. For more information, please refer to the Dispute Resolution Committee’s brochure.


All employees of Stichting Haaglanden and members of the Dispute Resolution Committee have a duty of confidentialy. Your personal data will not be shared with third parties unless you have given your explicit written consent.