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Rights and obligations

Your rights and obligations as a client of Haaglanden Clinics.

Your rights and obligations as a client of Haaglanden Clinics.

  1. Rights and obligations.

When you seek treatment at Haaglanden Clinics, you entrust yourself to the care of the Oral Surgery and/or Sleep Medicine team, thus entering into an (unwritten) treatment agreement between the client and the clinic. Under this agreement, both parties have certain rights and obligations. While you are being treated in our clinic, you are entitled to information, privacy and complaint handling, among other things.

  1. Information and consent

You are entitled to information about your treatment. Your practitioner is obliged to explain your symptoms, your test and treatment options and the advantages and disadvantages of each option. You need this information to be able to give your informed consent. You may also refuse a test or treatment. However, you also have a duty, namely to inform your practitioner properly and fully.

Please make sure that you are given the necessary information prior to treatment.

Before agreeing to undergo a test or treatment, it is important that you know exactly what is going to happen, which risks are involved and whether you have other options.

The more invasive the test or treatment, the more specific your doctor must be with the information they give you so that you are able to properly consider whether you wish to consent or not.

  1. Privacy Policy

As our client, you are entitled to protection of your personal data and privacy. Haaglanden Clinics stores your data in a digital medical file, which contains medical information about previous tests and treatments. Your privacy is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation, which stipulates, among other things, the purposes for which Haaglanden Clinics may use your data and how we must store it. According to this law, you are also entitled to view your file or request a copy. You can also find this information in our Privacy Policy.

  1. Terms & Conditions

The General Terms & Conditions contain the standard rules and conditions that Haaglanden Clinics observes when entering into an agreement. You can find our General Terms & Conditions here: Haaglanden Clinics General Terms & Conditions

  1. Complaints procedure

All employees of Stichting Haaglanden Clinics are committed to working as accurately and carefully as possible. We want you, our client, to be and stay satisfied. However, we understand that things may not always turn out that way. If you are dissatisfied about anything, please let us know through our complaints procedure. If you get in touch with us, we can work with you to find a suitable solution and prevent similar complaints in the future. Your complaint will help us improve the care we provide and ensure that our client satisfaction stays high.

Because we are committed to providing high-quality care, our doctors will keep your referring physician informed of the treatment you have undergone at Haaglanden Clinics. If you do not wish us to do so, please let us know.

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