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Quality policy

At Haaglanden Clinics, your safety comes first. To ensure your safety, we have established various working agreements that we all abide by and laid them down in our code of conduct. Your safety is our main priority. The Code of Conduct is an important part of Stitching Haaglanden Clinic’s quality policy and consists of a set of working agreements between the clinic and its employees.

Our staff:

  • Follow the rules, guidelines and protocols of Haaglanden Clinics while at work.
  • Make sure that they are up to date on all new guidelines and protocols.
  • Work safely, following prescribed protocols and make sure that their colleagues work safely too.
  • Speak to their colleagues about (potentially) unsafe situations.
  • Follow all applicable hygiene guidelines, as set out in the hygiene protocol.
  • Only carry out duties at which they are competent and for which they are qualified 
  • Seek to actively prevent risks and injury.
  • Inform clients about their safety at our clinic whenever necessary.
  • Are aware that they have a duty of confidentiality with regard to third-party information and data (client and company information) that they encounter at work.
  • Report all risks and injuries via our quality management system's reporting portal.
  • Know how to act in case of suspected domestic violence or child abuse.
  • Know that the board appreciates their input on safety, privacy and hygiene matters.
  • Know that violating Haaglanden Clinics’ quality policy may result in a formal reprimand or even dismissal.